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DANG! That’s Far – Guinness World Records

It Comes Out the Biggest Secret of the Maya

There is no doubt that the Mayan civilization is one of the cultures that definitely never fail to impress, and this time, one of his biggest secrets has begun to come to light, thanks to the director of the archaeological site of Uxmal, on the peninsula Yucatan Huchim Jose Herrera. Would you like to know what it is?

The Fate Of Mankind

Biologists define life forms, Human beings included, as self-organizing systems regulating internal environments to maintain their organizational state, the metabolism serves to provide the energy and the reproduction allows all to continue the evolution process. Ever since the dawn of civilization mankind has been searching for the answers to all of life’s questions. Why am I here?

Why Sex Is an Incentive to Die

As weird as it sounds there are people who believe that death will result in an eternity of love-making and great sex with virgins. They are the ones dying for Allah and causing death to as many others as they can manage. They are the terrorists who, like those of 9/11, plan, plot, and carry out mass murder and usually kill themselves during the activity or are shot by police.

Brainwashed Into Stupidity and Death – Wake Up World

A documentary on the way young men are radicalised into terrorism showed that the most outstanding feature in it is their desire to get to Paradise. They long for martyrdom and believe Allah will provide them with women and a palace in death. This desire overrides any common sense or logical explanation to the contrary.

European Muslim Migration Is Not Blending With the Hard Work Ethic Culture

The European Union was reminded of the discontent of their immigration policies in a big way when Britain cast their votes (70% voter turnout to the referendum) to leave the EU (Brexit), as one of the biggest grievances was the incredible influx of immigrants from Islamic failed states. Now other nations like Italy, Denmark, and Sweden are considering on floating their own referendums. Even France may put up a vote, wow, this could spell the early demise of an already slow motion train wreck. Suffice it to say, the European Union may not be long for this world.

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