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Get to Know Your Charity

A good charity should be should be selfless and not being boastful of what it claims to have done for others. It doesn’t seek it’s own pleasure rather it is selfless in giving support and help to the needy. In short choose those charities that are authentic to avoid scams.

The Legend of Bigfoot – The Sasquatch

In the United States this creature is more commonly referred to as Bigfoot, while the neighbors to the north prefer to call them Sasquatch. Why Bigfoot?

The Meaning of a Chinese Lantern

You will rarely see one solitary Chinese lantern, rather you’ll see several at once, perhaps hundreds, floating up in the night sky. The traditional use of a this type of lantern began when civilians in China first recognised the beauty of the lanterns, which were originally used as signalling devices and started to incorporate them into their celebrations. Ever since that time, they have been widely used all over China and Asia in festivals, notably Chinese New Year.

Barriers to Prison Reform

Many barriers confront prison reform efforts. Nevertheless, change is coming, because the current incarceration model is too expensive in economic and social terms.

How The Good Friday Agreement Got Its Name

Have you ever wondered how the Good Friday Agreement got that name? In this article one of the journalists involved in the process describes how it happened and why.

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