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Dream Vs Ninja SubCount History (2012-2021)

Blood and American Indians: Part I

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, is in the hot seat. In a document she filed some years ago with Harvard, her employer, she said that she had some American Indian ancestry. Warren did not provide proof of tribal membership – such as “blood quantum” – but referred to family conversations. Scott Brown, her Republican opponent, said that Warren wasn’t American Indian because she did not “look Indian.”

Does the Spirit World Involve Itself in Earthly Affairs?

Strange things happen all the time. Some hitherto unacceptable matters, for example, accurate psychic predictions; apparent interventions in human lives by God or other comparable agencies; the appearance through the medium of clairvoyants of the spirits of dead people; the sighting of an imputed spirit guide; and other events which can only be described as psychic phenomena, can lead one to realise that there may be more to life that what is provable scientifically. This would lead to the new believers being posited against sceptics – a contest of beliefs, each side being denied proof.

What Evidence is There to Support the REality of Reincarnation?

Reincarnation, as an autonomously-operating mechanism relating to the rebirth of human souls on Earth, underpins the desert religion of Hinduism and its associated faiths. Modern Westerners offer reincarnation as a mechanism involving choice at rebirth for those who claim that they can do and be anything they are able to choose; but lack persuasive credence. In spite of acceptable evidence provided by little children, reincarnation in the Hindu version remains a faith; yet it is a useful guide to the Void.

Seeking A Glimpse Into The Afterlife

Not everyone fears death. There are some, believing in reincarnation and the benefits that this process offers for learning, who look forward to a life between Earthly lives. This article offers issues arising from an effort by a Seeker of knowledge to obtain a glimpse into the Afterlife.

What Made Nationalism in Thailand Different From That in Most Other Southeast Asian Countries?

The nationalism of the Thai people is very profound. So, one cannot help but wonder where did it come from? In this article, we will attempt to explain the root of their nationalism which is unlike any other Asian countries.

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