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Dynamo Gaming Vs Mortal Vs Carryislive SubCount History

Pornography and Its Cascading Effects on a Child’s Psychology

Recently, more than 800 porn websites were blocked by the Government of India and people have mixed feelings about it. Whether the explicit content is harmful for adults or not required a lot of research, but it is a proven fact that erotic content always vitiates the learning habits of a child. How pornography affect the child psychology is the theme of this article.

Slavic Folklore: Lesnik – Leshy

Lesnik (Leshy) is a Slavic forest spirit similar to Greek satyrs. He is loud, friendly towards shepherds, and depicted as either a humanoid with horns and hoofs or as an old man.

Hnefatafl – The Forerunner of Modern Board Games

Hnefatafl was a popular board game during the Viking Age. Unfortunately, the rules of the game have been lost in the depths of time. Still, we will present what we know (or guess) about them today.

The Good Old Days Of Summer

“Roll out those lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer, the days of soda, pretzels and beer.” When Nat King Cole sang that most memorable melody those really were the days to remember. Unfortunately, though time has a way of marching on.

The Vanishing Art of the Atayal Facial Tattoos

An overview of the intriguing tattoo customs of the Atayal ethnic group, native to Taiwan. Although the ethnic group consists of more tribes, the same facial tattoo patterns have prompted ethnologists to present them jointly as the Atayal. With only four Atayal tattooed women remaining, the topic deserves to be revived.

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