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Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos vs Bill Gates vs Mark Zuckerberg – Fortune Comparison

This video shows a comparison of wealth between 4 super billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, as well the ranking in Forbles Billionaires list. It also shows the market value of his main companies over time.

Data Source:
Forbes Billionaires
Bloomberg Billionaires index
Market capitalization reports

Scott Buckley – Fate and Fortune, Helios.

Real Estate in Your RRSP or TFSA

An RRSP or TFSA should be viewed as a basket of investments. In the basket you can place various eligible investments or financial instruments. Some of these RRSP or TFSA eligible investments can include: stocks, bonds, GICs, mortgages, call-options, cash or mutual funds….but NOT real estate directly. So, how then can you participate in real estate with your RRSP or TFSA? For most Canadians, investing in or participating is real estate can be done inside their RRSP or TFSA, however there are some restriction. Either way, inside or outside an RRSP or TFSA, investing in the right real estate can pay excellent long-term dividends – if done well! Three broad options exist to participate in real estate within your RRSP or TFSA!

How to Analyze Real Estate Syndications Before You Invest – 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

Syndicating (or pooling) of your money with others to buy larger commercial real estate projects is a great idea – if executed well. It is a proven path for wealth creation – if bought at the right price and managed well. Not all real estate classes are created equal – and not all operators are equal either – and this recession is a case in point. There are eight typical mistakes in real estate syndication projects that you must avoid! What are they?

Offshore Banking For Virgins

Relocating your assets to another jurisdiction can seem a big, intimidating, even frightening idea. But it doesn’t have to be. First, what does it mean, exactly…to “go offshore”? Strictly speaking, it means simply to do something in another country. For an American, going offshore means investing, banking, or doing business outside the United States. If you’re British, going offshore means operating beyond the United Kingdom.

Why Now Is the Right Time To Fund Your Retirement Plans

Time is the most precious asset any of us has. Time can be our friend or our enemy. There are only so many minutes, hours, and seconds in a day. When time is gone, it is gone. All of us should be better stewards of this incredibly precious commodity. Time affects our investments, our business, our family and friends.

Preparing Early Retirement

Retirement is one of the strategies that should be more carefully prepared and audited in life, because on it depend the future of who stop working permanently. The retirement can therefore be understood as a financial reward after so many years of active service, which takes the form of a monthly income that is received based on the number of years worked and amount of taxation that were paid (tax). Pensions are of two types, contributory and non-contributory…

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