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Evolution & Decline of Digital Cameras 1971 – 2020

The Evolution & Decline of Digital Cameras from 1971 to 2020. #digitalcameras #history #evolution

Although the first digital photo was created in 1957, the first portable digital camera was not on the market until 1989. In this video we will take a look at the evolution and decline of digital cameras from the start until today.

1971 First Digital Camera
2D Silicon Vidicon Astronomical Photometer

1973 Fairchild MV-100
First commercial camera with a CCD sensor

1975 Cromemco Cyclops
First Solid State Digital Camera

1975 Kodak Prototype
First prototype of a portable digital camera.

1981 Sony Mavica
First filmless still video camera

1986 MegaVision Tessera
First digital photography system for photo studios.

1987 Videk Megaplus
The Megaplus introduced Kodak’s megapixel CCD sensor

1988 Fuji DS-1P
First portable fully digital camera

1989 Fuji DS-X / Toshiba IMC-100
First portable fully digital consumer camera

1990 Dycam Model 1 / Logitech Fotoman
First digital camera sold in the US

1991 Kodak DCS 100
First Digital SLR camera

1994 Apple QuickTake 100
First affordable color digital camera under $1000

1994 Olympus Deltis VC-1100
Introduced direct transmission of images over phone line

1995 Casio QV-10
First digital camera with integrated display

1997 Sony Mavica MVC-FD5 / MVC-FD7
Used Sony’s 3.5 inch floppy disk tech to save photos

1999 Kyocera VP-210
First cell phone with a built-in camera

1999 Nikon D1
First unibody DSLR, halving prices of DSLRs

2000 Sony MVC-CD1000
First camera to use 3-inch CD-R discs

2002 Casio Exilim EX-S1 / EX-M1
Integrated optics and sensor into a single tiny module

2003 Dakota Single-Use Camera
First single-use digital cameras to get hacked

2005 Kodak EasyShare One
First Wi-Fi enabled camera with sharing features

2006 Digital Hero
First digital GoPro after film version
Latest version:

2007 Apple iPhone
Simple camera interface for managing and sharing photos
Latest version:

2009 Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D
First consumer 3D digital camera
Latest version:

2010 Digital Camera Sales Peaked

2011 Polaroid Z340
Digital version of Polaroid using Zink technology
Latest version:

2012 Lytro Light Field
Introduced Consumer Light Field Photography

2013 Ricoh Theta 360
First handheld 360 digital camera
Latest version:

2015 DxO One
External iPhone camera

2017 Light L16
Pocket-sized high quality camera with 16 lenses

2018 Insta360 Pro 2
First 8K 360 3D VR camera

2020 Canon EOS R5
First affordable prosumer 8K camera

2020 Vecnos IQUI
Smallest 360 digital camera

Video clips used are courtesy of Kodak, Canon, Apple, Casio, Nikon, Kyocera, Fuji, Ricoh, Insta360 and Vecnos.

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