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Evolution of Handheld Game Consoles 1979 – 1989

This is a preview of my new format for evolution videos. This is the intro to the evolution of handheld video game consoles, the first ten years. These are the most important consoles that used cartridges.

Dollars And Sense

After the S&P downgrade of the U.S. Credit rating, stock and commodity markets sold off sharply, dropping nearly 15 percent before recouping losses at the end of the month. Between the negative news and weak expectations for the U.S. economy, the ongoing problems in Europe, market volatility, and general unease, many investors are asking themselves if they should just abandon investing all together and simply put all their money in CD’s and Gold. The answer…

Disaster Avoidance

SURVIVAL KIT – You are in for a treat! You are about to learn how an expert law firm transformed the Fair Market Value of a $2 million promissory note into about 30 cents on the dollar–$711,000.00-or less. Let me repeat – a prominent law firm handling a $3,000,00.00 deal did not know how to draft proper documents!

Would You Pass the Investment Chalkboard Test?

An investor’s ability to adequately pass this “chalkboard test” is crucial to their long-term success. Saving for retirement requires a different investment approach than does ensuring that resources are available and secure over a short period. How can an investor be confident they are taking appropriate actions if they aren’t sure how they chose their investments?

A $250,000 Promissory Note May Be Worth $125,000 – Or Less – Part 2

What flaws usually cause promissory notes to be discounted? How to avoid investing in a flawed and discounted promissory note.

Getting Ready to Retire – Have You Covered All Your Bases?

You may have been diligent about putting money away for retirement and making big plans for your time, but now that it’s getting closer are you sure you’ve covered all the bases? Make sure that you haven’t overlooked some of the following components of a successful retirement: Walk the Walk. If you are planning on relocating in retirement make sure you have taken a long vacation in the area.

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