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Evolution of Windows Startup and Shutdown Sounds + Slowed Down 300%

This is the evolution of Windows startup and shutdown sounds plus the Slowed Down version so you can hear the details. These are the popular version of windows, but some startup sounds are included from popular beta versions such as Longhorn.
Windows 3.1 startup and shutdown sounds
Windows 95 shutdown sounds
Windows 98 startup sounds
Windows 2000 startup and shutdown sounds
Windows XP startup sounds
Windows Vista Sounds
Windows 7 Startup
Windows 8 Startup and Shutdown
Windows 10

Institutional Retirement Services – Risk and Disbursement Processing

Risk and retirement disbursement processing During my past 30 years in the banking and trust industry, I am amazed at the focus now placed on compliance. During the late 70’s, this was simply a part time function and today, organizations have entire divisions created to monitor risk related to operational processes. This change is necessary as we are faced with many new regulations as well as challenges.

My Husband Has Everything

Does your husband have everything? Do you struggle with what you could possibly get for him every year at Christmas? Have you ever thought about giving him time, helping him get ready for retirement?

Can Precious Metals Be Held In An IRA Account?

Good News you can fund your IRA’s with gold and silver. The US Government allows purchases of certain types of precious metals to be held in IRA accounts. However there are certain requirements that must be met. Also needed are special IRA account administrators who specialize in precious metals held in IRA’s that understand all the IRS rules on this form of investment.

How To Be Rich – Avoiding Obstacles To Financial Success

If you have ever wondered what it takes to be rich, a good place to start is to know the seven obstacles that keep people from being rich and achieving financial success in life. These obstacles are so important that your ability to pursue your financial goals, and create wealth for yourself and generations to come, may depend on how well you are able to avoid these obstacles.

Retirement Planning – Tips for Managing Your Finances

After crossing the golden age of 50 years, by adopting progressive lifestyle modifications and also availing modern healthcare facilities, you can actually look forward to live not less than another 40 to 50 years. Finding a regular and reliable source of funds is vital at this stage of life to take care of your day-to-day expenditure and also to provide for unforeseen expenditures on medical as well as other emergencies during this extended period. Hence it would be prudent to carry out some retirement planning to secure your financial future.

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