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Exact Moment A_S Gaming Hits 13 Million Subscribers #shorts

Do Adults With Intellectual Disabilities Have the Right to Color With Crayons?

Caring for intellectually or developmentally disabled adults is a calling that needs delicate, wise and patient handling. It is a task that requires an adequate amount of knowledge and a kind attitude. Disabled adults can often have a hard time dealing with their disability, and that combined with the normal effects of ageing can often be a difficult challenge to overcome.

Observations From a Coffee Shop Continued

A continuation of observations from the Coffee Shop. In this article we continue to experience aspects of humanity through the mass of commuters.

Observations From the Coffee Shop – A Microcosm of Our Society

Coffee shops could be viewed as a microcosm of society. Sitting, watching, unseen yet fully in the open one can see and learn many things…

The Wreck Of The Erebus

Members of an icebound Arctic expedition might have been able to walk to safety. Instead, they waited for rescuers who never came.

Why Are So Many People Content With Just Earning a Salary and Working 8-5 Their Entire Adult Life?

Most people live such restricted lives, never venturing out, never exploring what the world has to offer. Their problem is not that their present situation is necessarily bad, it is just not bad enough to force them out of their comfort zone. They are glued to where they are at for better or worse.

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