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Exact Moment Desi Gamers Hits 11 Million Subscribers

Helping Someone in Need

There are many people in need in the world. While it is impossible to help everyone, there is someone who can use our help.

Strange And Crazy World Of Human Beings

Life on Earth is enchanting and thrilling. A person should live and experience it to realize the full import of life. Life becomes colorful when varied experiences teach the tricks and tactics of it.

Remembering the Japanese American Pioneers

The immigrants from Japan were called the Issei (first generation). Their children were the Nisei (second generation). They had been born in the United States and were citizens. Both groups were early pioneers who worked diligently to make a better life for those who came later.

Evolution of Language And Parallels to Start-Up Business Models

Not long ago, I was discussing the evolution of language with some professors, educators, and linguists. Yes, there were others in the group including a gentleman who was working with a Start-Up company with a new aerospace technology. It became readily apparent to me, being that I am also a Bootstrap Entrepreneur that the evolution of language and the evolution of start-ups was somewhat similar in nature. Let me explain, as I did to the group of thinkers.

Amerindian Swastika-Type Symbolism

The Swastika symbol was widely used by many indigenous American Indian tribes from before the Common Era. Much of recent popular interest in the Swastika as a lucky motif sprang from these earlier traditions, although this has not always been recognized by contemporary American citizens. It was highly respected by many Indian tribes up and until its formal revocation in the 1930s.

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