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Social Change Through Empathy? Seddiqui and Me

I read an article in the newspaper recently about a fellow named Daniel Seddiqui who has written a book called 50 Jobs in 50 States.  You could say it is a kind of subtle manual for teaching empathy, or as the newspaper framed it, for “pushing social change” through empathy. (San Francisco Chronicle, Aug.

Hinduism, As Experienced

A religion is not a monolithic structure, but a way of life. Its 3 principal components – the rituals, the ethics, and the metaphysics – are, of course, to be found in each of the time-tested religions. Hinduism, seemingly the most confusing of all, is best illustrated, but not necessarily fully explained, by personal experience…

Reincarnation – What Can One Say?

That life on Earth may not be a one-shot affair is seemingly accepted by many adherents of the main religions of the world. Believers in reincarnation go one step further. They accept that a unique entity is re-born repeatedly on Earth until a certain outcome is achieved; and that therefore the human body is only a temporary vessel for a soul. How credible is this belief?

Society and Tyranny

Claiming to speak for society is a tyrannical power gambit. Societies are unofficial, unchecked and unbalanced; which means that there is nothing to keep them from becoming tyrannical and corrupt. The politicians who claim to speak for society are practicing a vast illegitimate power grab and bring in tyranny and corruption.

A Century of Extremes

“The 21st Century is an extraordinary time – a century of extremes. We can create much grander civilisations or we could trigger a new Dark Age.” James Martini – As humans and the civilisations we have created have evolved, the decision to act or not to act has had ramifications for increasing numbers of people.

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