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Events Which Could Not Possibly Have Occurred

Modern man is a rational being, in the main. Through education, he generally learns the realities about human behaviour and the physical world in which he exists. So, when a youth is exposed to events which not possibly have occurred, who would believe him? Were they aberrations of his mind? Experienced reality challenges conditioned reality.

Improbable Insights Into The Reality Of Existence

For a rational skeptical person to find, after a lifetime lived to the full, that the spirit world exists, is a great surprise. When the events experienced cannot be denied because of the accuracy of the information made available, and also because the Seeker of knowledge exposed to the events is told that the spirit world is playing a significant role in his life, what is he to do?

Political Correctness and Inefficienct Communication

Political correctness reduced overt prejudice and exposed inaccurate stereotypes. Insulting verbal and written language was “corrected.” However, the Great Political Correctness Purge went too far. The English language was impoverished and made less efficient in transferring information. All stereotypes were condemned, when in fact, stereotyping is essential in understanding the world, devising strategies to deal with the world and behaving accordingly. Fortunately, the PC police seem to have lost their fervor and the siege on the English language is loosening.

Altruism in the 21st Century

Humans are the most intelligent and the most deeply social of all species. Our intelligence and social cohesion have enabled us to survive harsh and threatening times in the past. So, our ability to survive and flourish into the future, to avoid threatened social and global disasters, and ensure a stable world, is in part at least dependent of social cohesion and altruism.

Occupy This Or Occupy That Why Don’t You?

Many folks in the younger generation thought that the occupy protesters were quite cool and unique, but really they were nothing new, and it is just a slightly different venue on an older theme. In the past that labor unions were often locked out of companies when they started doing work slowdowns purposely, or threatened to strike.

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