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Exact Moment Flying Beast Hits 6 Million Subscribers On YouTube

Confronting Worldview Panic

Very few things threaten people more than having their worldview challenged. And when something arises that threatens their worldview, the first reaction is to destroy it. We see this with Hurricane Carter.

Worldview Panic and Barack Obama

There are no more vicious reactions than is found in people who are seeing their worldview being threatened. When one believes that only Christian nuclear families can produce successful people, a person who does not come from a Christian nuclear family who becomes successful becomes a refutation of their worldview. And this attracts extremely vicious reactions, all the way to believing the person to be the Antichrist.

Between Perception and Reality

The article is about human perception and reality. It describes how the our senses can sometimes betray us and create fleeting or even persistent illusions.

Racism – The Real Culprit

Racism allows individuals to abdicate responsibility for their actions. It distracts us from the fact that we all make distinctions about others based, unconsciously, on similarity and difference.

Mankind’s Quest for Alien Now Seems Palpable

Could it be that out of the seemingly endless number of planets in the universe, earth could be singled out as the only planet home to life? If it were only us all along, then, the universe seemed to have lavishly wasted an awful lot of space!

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