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Exact Moment MR. INDIAN HACKER Hits 14 Million Subscribers

When Will We Ever Learn

I have started to realize that as we get closer to yet another year in which we are all getting older I ponder how much wiser we all have become. From what I have read, heard on the TV, or continue to see through-out my travels I have doubts as to the legitimacy of our society becoming that much wiser with each passing year. And, with today’s Republican Presidential candidates just reaffirms my suspicion.

Sitting Bull and Sioux Resistance In The Late Frontier Period

Read how Sitting Bull’s attitude towards the confinement of the Lakota Sioux on reservations, as well as the general encroachment of the U.S. Army on formerly Sioux territories, precipitates events that lead to the end of Sioux, and Indian, resistance.

The Last Atlantian

When two archeologists from the University of Cincinnati uncovered the tomb of an ancient warrior that find could very well set the stage to unravel one of the worlds oldest and most intriguing mysteries. Now, questions have to be asked in light of this historic find. Who was this man?

Different Gesticulatory Stereotypes From All The Corners Of The World

Everyone knows simple gestures whereby we express our attitude to people or situations, say goodbye or welcome each other. However, our understanding of motions depends on… nationality. This article goes into this question at large!

In The Ghetto

“On a cold and gray Chicago morn another little child is born, in the Ghetto.” That song opening of Elvis Presley’s still sends chills not because of the words cold and gray, even though in Chicago there are periods when the weather is not all that nice, the connotation is one that resonates a very harsh reality facing new born children especially in surroundings that really are already harsh enough. Take for instance Cabrini Green the infamous housing project that stood as a focal point for the poor, the impoverished, and even families.

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