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Exact Moment MrBeast Gaming Hits 20 Million Subscriber’s On YouTube

The Barotuan Ati-Atihan Festival of El Nido

Barutuan is farming village in El Nido. Every year, they hold a wonderful festival that draws tourists to this charming town.

Erasing the Borders of Borderline Personality Disorder

There has been a lot of ‘borders’ drawn about this personality disorder and whether or not it should be considered a personality disorder at all. Some would argue that the characteristics associated with this disorder are conditioned into the person through external stimuli and thus a personality disorder. Yet others would use that same argument to suggest that its not because the characteristics are already imbedded within the individual and influenced by external influence.

See Me, If YOU Will

In human behavior, denialism is exhibited by individuals choosing to deny reality as a way to avoid dealing with an uncomfortable “truth”. Collective denialism happens “when an entire segment of society [… ] turns away from reality in favor of a more comfortable lie.”

Argument for Immortality, or, The Only Limits Are the Limits We Put On Ourselves

Based on a conversation I’ve engaged in with almost everyone I’ve known over the last decade, nobody wants to live forever. I find this to be a terrible shame due to the untouched potential prevalent within the human being. Even though the arguments for mortality are sound and rational, I aim to make an equivalent statement about the possibilities of immortality.

The Tabon Cave Complex: A Valuable Archaeological Site to See on a Trip to Palawan

Palawan is a natural gallery of significant archaeological finds. Among these finds is the Tabon cave, where ancient people used to live and bury their dead.

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