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Children of the Sun

The origin of terms we use on a daily basis are a record of past behaviour. Within them are locked ideas and the dreams of men that brought about progress from primitive beings into the human race of today.

Chimps, Chicken and Communication

A new study recently published in Current Biology proves that chimpanzees have the ability to communicate to other chimps warnings about a hazard if and only if the other chimps don’t already know about the danger. This adds to the evidence that chimps not only use sound-symbols to convey meaning, as we do, but also that they have what psychologists call theory of mind: an awareness that others have mental states (such as knowing something or not) different than one’s own. Chickens and other animals also possess this ability.

Queer Birds

“Queer bird” is an old-timey expression for “someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group.” Back in the day, we certainly would have been regarded as eccentric or crazy, not to mention standing out from the scientific crowd, for suggesting that the birds and the bees might sometimes be “queer” in another sense of that term.

How Emperor Constantine Got Power and Control Over the Roman Empire

Historically Constantine stands out as a figure many admire while few know much of him. The bible calls him 666 and my research proves that he was far from saintlike, a title which his organisation credits him with.

Footstools Through The Ages

The earliest appearance of a footstool seems to have been in ancient Egypt and was used more as a step than a stool, to help the Pharaohs climb onto their huge thrones. But they were not just the furnishings of the rich and powerful, nomadic traders also used small, lightweight boxes to carry around their wares which they also used as seating and the storage footstool or ottoman was born.

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