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Exact Moment Sourav Joshi Vlogs Hits 6 Million Subscriber’s

Technology Is Changing Small Towns

Small towns are rapidly changing. Many of those changes are the result of technology. Churches, and other community organziations, must come to terms with these changes if they hope to continue to connect with the people who live in small towns.

Raw Cacao: The Cultural Craze, Part 3 – The Regenerative Culture of Cacao

This article is all about the Raw Cacao Craze, especially as it relates to its role in regenerative culture, from Right Livelihood, to Eco-Activism, to the Ceremonial uses of cacao. It is the final posting in a 3 part series on cacao and emergent, evolutionary culture.

So You Would Like to Create a Community – Here Are 21 Tips to This

The use of technology has changed our social behaviour and rules guiding the ways to interact in the real world. I know that true story where a brother and a sister staying in the same house, would talk only via chat-boxes and status updates (not even via a Skype call). They are in their contiguous rooms but would find it silly to move outside their box to meet and do things together but they would play poker, every night on the same virtual table, with virtual groups of common friends from a virtual world.

Firing Your Babysitter for Being Too Pretty and Making Your Children Insecure – Whatever

As a former business person I applaud those who get out and start their own businesses rather than complaining about how bad the economy is, or the challenges they’ve had trying to get a job. Not long ago, I met a young lady in Starbucks who was interviewing an older lady for a job. Her business was a babysitting company that helped hire babysitters that families could trust, and with one phone call they could call up and schedule a trustworthy individual to come do this sitting.

Hibernating Humans Now As We Solve Water, Disease, and Poverty Issues Considered

Not long ago, I was contacted by a gentleman about human hibernation. You see, he’d read an interesting article that I’d written last year some time about the psychological challenges of human hibernation, such as what happens when you wake up and everything has changed, everyone you used to know is gone, and you don’t feel like you belong anymore. Seriously, it happens.

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