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Exact Moment Sourav Joshi Vlogs Hits 7 Million Subscribers

Is Competition a Destructive Force in Society?

Everything comes with positive and negative sides, especially if we talk about competition. On one hand, it brings plenty of hopes and advantages, while on the negative approach, it conveys ruinous jealously and gaucherie. Most people believe that competition makes their life more challenging and tricky.

Regarding Travellers

Caravans are not just for summer getaways. In fact in July 2013, the last UK government Traveller Caravan count, there were 21,100 caravans which is up 9% from the year before. The figures from this count were skewed slightly because of a festival that was happening in take account of a festival that was happening in Somerset at the time of the survey. In this article we will look at briefly identifying the general makeup of the travelling population and the camps that they set up.

Paging Indiana Jones

Recent discoveries of shipwrecks and an ancient tomb could hold keys to understanding the past. What can we learn from them?

Aspects of Humanity Series: Social

In the Aspects of Humanity Series, I will be discussing various parts of the human condition which are subject to degradation over the years, based on how we choose to utilize them. I shall discuss the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Social aspects, then will close out the series with an all-encompassing article.

Enlightenment, “Common Sense”

My essay is my interpretation of the world and our reality. It starts off simple and then it gets really deep and… insane. But who decides who’s crazy? I understand that this world cant be without greed or any of the things Iwish could come true, because evil is as equally apart of this world as good is, but it is still a cool essay.

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