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Exact Moment Techno Gamerz Hits 19 Million Subscriber’s

Benign Patriotism and Malignant Patriotism

A friend of mine, who is black, said that all of us are racists as we identify with our own groups. My response is that there are miles to go between identifying with one’s own group and hating other groups, and that the two sentiments should be separated into benign patriotism and malignant patriotism. Benign patriotism wants the well-being of one’s people; malignant patriotism wants the destruction of somebody else.

The Dark Mountains Built By Religions and Warned Against in Jeremiah 13:16

The peaks of hills were where learning took place and laws were passed down. Here the sun star appeared in all its glory and wooed men to their deaths.

Reincarnation Is Better Received in Countries Where Religious Beliefs Support It

What a wonderful gift it is when one knows where they come from and why they are here. The religious myths that prevent people telling of their reincarnation are a barrier to their experience.

Scientific Reincarnation Research Confirms That It Is Experienced by Many

Reincarnation memory is pointing the way to understanding this experience. While many have inklings about past lives genuine cases are turning up that confirm when, how and why they died.

Bill Gates’ Advice to Schoolchildren

Bill Gates has given a speech to high school students about 11 things that they need to learn in life. I agree with some of them, disagree with others, and partly agree with the rest. I will go through them one by one.

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