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Cash Versus Happiness: Show Me The Money!

This is a provoking article on whether people go for the money or the cash. Some research comes up with interesting theories which strike at the heart of the matter; namely do we pace ourselves with others in dimensions also relating to take home pay or income? Will people opt for lesser income to fit in with their peers or neighbours?

Mediums and Their Spiritual Guides

Spirituality began as a means of connecting with our dearly departed and as it raged… it became a means of leading people to believe they were interacting with their departed loved ones even though they may not be doing so. It can never be said with 100% conviction whether a medium is the real deal or playing at our desires… it will be interesting to know this is how it has been from the very start…

Gujarat Through The Ages – A Fitting Fact File

Gujarat has an undeniable and laudable history that not many people living on the modern day structures in this very state are aware of. This article finds its way into the history of Gujarat and walks through various civilizations and cultures that this historical state has witnessed over the centuries.

Why Do People Lie When Lies Hurt?

Lies are now so much a part of society and commerce that people don’t even know they do it most of the time. Religions and myths are the basis for them and wars and the confusing turmoil the world is in is mostly due to the outcome they cause.

An Anniversary to Remember: 35 Years and Counting

Thirty-five years ago a simple act of civil disobedience by a small group of Kansans stopped a nuclear reactor vessel and brought the issues surrounding nuclear energy to a rural audience. The author relates his participation in that action to his career path and the current state of energy policy.

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