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Some Pros and Cons of Colonialism

While colonialism cannot ever be acceptable to free men and women, once freedom has been attained, it is opportune to see if any benefits might have flowed from the experience. Since absolute freedom is unattainable (for obvious reasons), there may be lessons available to reach a balance with the current imperatives of the neo-colonialism of the West.

Freedom Denied: Life Under Colonialism

The denial of an innate and ever-undiminished urge for political freedom by European colonialism in the recent past would have left traces (subliminal as they may be) in the psyches of those who had been on the receiving end of that domination, and their descendants, all coloured people. To survive or even to cope with the neo-colonialism of the modern age, it might be useful to note some of the features of colonialism in an objective glance.

The Tyranny of Culture – The Imperative of Migrant Adaptation

Necessary adaptation to the culture of one’s tribe does enable one to cohabit readily with those of other cultures at a basal level, because successful acculturation produces uniformly acceptable good conduct globally. Yet, immigrants who seek to integrate effectively into the land they have chosen to live need to disregard those divisive features of their own culture based on difference and implied superiority, while retaining those features celebrated in private. Integration offers benefits otherwise not available.

“Black” Market in Eilat

I am referring to the situation seen regularly by those Eilatis who pass through the industrial area. I say Eilatis, because this is not a part of the city visited by tourists. I doubt that most tourists even know of its existence. There is one notorious roundabout situated on the border where industrial area ends and the residential area begins.

Culture As a Weapon in Inter-Tribal Warfare

At its simplest level, culture represents the ways we do things in life, underpinned by certain beliefs and values. It produces good conduct, which is essentially uniform across the globe. Yet, it is the weapon of choice in inter-tribal contests reflecting a cult of difference-with-superiority. Who benefits?

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