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Betawi: A Blended Culture

The word “Betawi” is etymologically derived from the word “Batavia”, the Jakarta’s Dutch colonial name. Betawi people are the descendants of the people living around Batavia from around the 17th century. Betawi people during colonial times were a product of a melting pot of immigrants and mixed marriages involving people from Javanese, Sundanese (West Java), Melayu (Malays), Makassar, Ambonese, Bugis tribes, Chinese, Indian, and European.

Indebtedness And Its Varieties

Indebtedness does exist for everybody. The one that realizes and takes responsible actions to clear such liability is morally upright.

Nothing Is Sacred Should Be A Respected Principle in Worksite Wellness

Wellness program at worksites, in schools, medical institutions and elsewhere focus on issues that are basically health and medical in nature. Classes and other forms of communication consist of risk assessments, imparting information on stress management, weight control, exercise and the like. These approaches are quite different from the quality of life enrichment elements of the wellness concept set forth by Halbert L. Dunn more than half a century ago. REAL wellness approaches reject limiting wellness to medical matters – in a quest to return the wellness concept to its earliest visions, the new focus in on reason, exuberance, athleticism and liberty. This essay shows how one of these dimensions, reason, takes wellness beyond the limits of health and medicine.

Stopping Tribalism, a Worldwide Challenge!

American tribalism can be political. However, our biggest challenge is to educate citizens to stop tolerating leaders seeking to divide and conquer based on their need for power and control! All forms of tribalism have devastating consequences!

The Right Strategies To Mobilize Diaspora Movement

Mobilizing successful diaspora movements is necessary, which is both a challenge and essential in the present climate. Developed countries are showing greater interests and providing new opportunities in engaging diaspora communities as more and more diaspora members are returning to their homeland and using the available opportunities in the development sector. These members need a platform to work out a common plan of action.

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