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Extreme Speed Cubing 2021 – Guinness World Records

Knowledge Is Essential for Formation of Human Behavior

Knowledge is the result of the idea and this happens after a person doing the sensing of a particular object. Sensing occurs through the human senses, namely the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Much of human knowledge gained through the eyes and ears. Domain knowledge is very important for the formation of a person’s behavior. There are 6 levels of knowledge and knowledge a person can be influenced by several factors.

Postmodernism Is the Genesis of Contemporary Conspiracy Theory

Postmodernism as a broad intellectual, social and literary movement is hard to capture and define, not more so due to the deliberate wishes of the some of it protagonists for the paradigm to remain enigmatic. As many Post modernists question the practice and prorogation of meta and universal theories grounded in frameworks of “truth”, there are obvious overlaps between Postmodernism, Philosophy and the Social Sciences. This is in terms of both the subjects of knowledge and the products of research and literature.

Conspiracy Theory As Pseudo Theory

The article looks at the valid use of theory in explanations, differentiating observed phenomena and explanations from pseudo science and pseudo theory. The article highlights the epistemological paradoxes found in the application of conspiracy theory and how it is inept compared to the use of theory in both the social and natural sciences.

If You Are Black And Afrodescendant, Do You Have A Reparations Mindset?

A widely accepted definition for reparations is… the payment by one nation to another nation for a wrong committed. In the case of so-called African Americans who are slave descendants, or Afrodescendants, it means: a) Slaveholding nations must make payment for years of free slave labor used during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. b) Payment of reparations for the lingering effects of plantation slavery (racism) must occur. Racism has and still decreases the ability of Afrodescendants to enjoy happiness and respect from others as a people today.

Universals Of The Human Condition 2

It’s pretty obvious that all humans share with all other humans various but fundamental universals. We all have a biological mother and father for example. One normally however associates every human being and every human society as unique in terms of their worldview. Yet there remain certain universals (like mom and dad) seemingly shared across the board by the great majority of individuals. Some of these universals were explored earlier; let’s explore several more universals common to the human condition.

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