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Fastest 2 Liter SODA CHUG with Badlands – Guinness World Records

These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Remember that quote? Some 250 years later we are again facing times that try men’s souls.

Hyderabad’s Rampant Sex Mafia

Sex workers, call girls colluding with adult site fleeces the customers in the city. Little has been done to catch the pimps and the women who often cheat the men and get away.

It Is High Time to Break Celebrity Monopoly, Needn’t We?

Many want to become heroes in the film industry. But celebrity monopoly prevents them. How to break the celebrity monopoly through social media? Why youngsters should promote alternative means than the traditional ones.

Pre-Determined Destinies

Of all our founding fathers it was Thomas Jefferson who understood that education was vital for the preservation of our liberty. He also knew that the abuses of power would undermine and eventually destroy the republic. Today, our elected officials too many are out of control.

The Craze That Swept Over A Nation

With great fondness I look back on a life well lived. Sure, there were times of anguish and sorrow but overall I remained steadfast to my convictions. But, as I remember many a time those convictions got me into a whole lot of trouble.

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