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Fastest Aging Countries (Birth Rate Comparison 2021)

This video shows the fastest aging nations (over 10 million population) by comparing their birth rate per 1,000 people. Most African nations still have relatively high birth rate compared to countries in Asia and Europe.


CIA World Factbook

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Free Tax Lien Certificate Tips

A little known method for buying real estate at huge discounts with nearly zero risk is buying of tax liens. With thousands and thousands of property owners not being able to make their property tax payments the local counties that these properties are located in rewards investors with guaranteed rates of return in exchange for paying these delinquent tax bills. Investors have their investment secured by the property itself and can be purchased at huge discounts if the taxes go unpaid.

Credit Fraud Protection and Your Safe Retirement

Credit fraud and identity theft – these are two things that can wreak havoc with your life and your hard-earned retirement savings. In its 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report, research firm Javelin Strategies states that from 2008 to 2009, this unfortunate experience has affected more than 11 million Americans, and during that same time period has increased 12%. The first thing is to understand how thieves can obtain your personal information and then take the steps to prevent unauthorized use of your identity and credit. Here’s how.

The Advantages of Self-Directed Investing

Having a dream of taking the full control of your planned portfolio and becoming really the master of your fate? Well it’s time for you to become a “self-directed” investor in the realm of the stock market. Before going through that there are some things that you should need to learn in order for you to become one.

American Funds Retirement Center – Is It the Best Plan for You?

Of all the plans that are available in the market today I think the most popular is the 401(k) plan. This is because of its popularity and its flexibility when it comes to retirement plans. Not just that but also because of the way Americans handles their clients and most especially the funds that are in.

Retirement Financial Calculator – Some Fears That an Investor Would Think About Their Money

The usual problems of most retirees when it comes to their investments are to ask questions whether if they have enough money saved for the rest of their life after investment. This is the usual scenario when it comes to retirement plans. The worst thing that can happen also is when they tend to increase their fears about this same kind of problem. Well this kind of problem or shall we say dilemma exists even on the earliest times of retirement investment planning.

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