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The Process of Cultural Identity Change

After studying Ndembu culture, Turner went on to apply the concept of separation, limen and re- aggregation to other societies, including contemporary Western industrialized societies. There, he found the ritual stages operating in such unlikely areas as modern art, literature, theatre, sports and other recreational pastimes. Similarly, it is possible to take Turner’s views and apply them to cultural identity issues to migrants in Diaspora. Upon comparison, it is evident that the immigration process mimics the three stages of separation, limen and re-aggregation.

Get Off The Grid, A Movement?

If you try asking ten different people what it means to be “off the grid”, you are likely going to get ten different answers. The term “off the grid” seems to have taken on a meaning that is beyond the original meaning of the term referring to being off the national electrical grid. It now, seems to have several meanings besides unplugging from the national electrical grid.

Entertainment in Medieval Times

People in the Middle Ages dealt with a lot of issues in their daily life. Often considered as one of the bleak periods in history, especially for peasants, the social hierarchy greatly dictated the lifestyle of the common people. The era also saw the powerful rule of some brave kings of the Medieval Era. While beautiful castles of these rulers dominated the landscape, the life of the lower hierarchy was phenomenally different.

Clothing in Medieval Times

Clothing styles underwent lot of changes between the 5th and 15th centuries, referred to as the medieval age in history. At that time, clothes reflected a person’s standing in the social hierarchy. For example, kings wore different kinds of clothes when compared to noblemen. Peasants were more humble in their dressing sense.

The Phoenix Lights: Was It Mass Hysteria?

Do you believe in UFOs? Many around the world claim to have seen something. Learn about what 10,000 people observed one evening in Arizona.

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