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Racial Segregation in America

Jim Crow laws that kept Blacks subservient to Whites were in place in the Southern United States for almost 100 years! How could that happen in America?

Slave Auctions In The Days of Ancient Mighty Rome!

Ancient auctions in Rome were mainly for the purpose of selling slaves. People that were captured from other countries during their many conquests would be put up for sale no different than if they were a piece of furniture or other wares to be sold. Those who would come to one of these auctions would inspect the slave up for sale probably no different than someone who goes to a car auction and examines the car. Just like cars slaves came with guarantees and if the slave had something wrong with them the seller would have to buy the slave back. They had six months in which to do this.

Culture and Values

The relationship between culture and values is coherent and wide ranging. It covers the commercial, social and religious angle intrinsically and effectively, affecting individual and groups alike. The effect on the life of a common man in his daily life is vibrant or subdued subject to his cultural values. The absence of alternate avenues is the major hurdle in his day to day dealings. An individual is interwoven and sentimentally engrossed in his community routine. Thereby, he is relegating the possible variations which are visible within the twilight of the timeframe.

Family and Culture in Shaping a Woman’s Decision to Return to Her Zapotec Roots in Tlacolula Oaxaca

San Bartolome Quialana, Tlacolula, Oaxaca, is a traditional, Zapotec micro – society. After spending 17 years in Anaheim, California, one native woman decided to return to her indigenous roots, with “help” from her family, her growing sense of feeling out-of-place in America helped along by subtle racism and a subconscious yearning for home.

Remembering Atlantis – The True Story

There are many tales of Atlantis and many explanations for what and where it was. This is the truth behind the myth; a story of mind against heart, personal advancement against the greater good, science and technology against the spiritual – with striking present day parallels and lessons for the now.

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