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Street Furniture for All Occasions

Street furniture comes in many different shapes, sizes and with many different uses too. Most people will be unfamiliar with the term and may not be quite sure what is meant. In simple terms therefore, street furniture is a collective term used to describe the various kinds of installations found on any street. This includes things like street lighting, rubbish bins and street benches, for example. Some street may have few if any such items, while other streets may be filled to capacity with a dizzying variety of street furniture.

All the Best Things Are Expensive

Are you really surprised when someone mentions the crazy expensive price of the poorly-designed shoes? The answer is absolutely yes. But, you will not claim or protest when you see the amazing things are sold in fantastic price. It has been a common principle in this world that the best quality items will always come with the reasonable price too. What are the examples?

Black History Re-Connect

We have blazed through the first month of 2011, and February is here. This is the month when we will begin to put up our stock pictures and posters of men and women who we were taught made the most significant contributions to black history, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and several others that come to our minds when we hit the shortest month of the year

Let’s Reclaim Our Culture – Create Again!

In the “West” we live in a time of consumption. Apart from our specific work pretty much all of the goods and services we use and consume are invented, produced, performed and delivered by others. But it is not only that we consume so clearly in excess of what we produce, we are also living at an unimaginable distance from those that DO produce.

Oscar Romero

Whatever wrong perceptions someone has of Latino men can be dispelled by the story of Oscar Romero. He was a valiant man and Oscar Romero exemplified what Latinos aspire to be. Oscar Romero was a child of seven in a rural area of San Salvador. After having an internship with a carpenter, at the young age he received a calling from God. This is when he began studying and eventually he became the fourth, and youngest Arch Bishop of San Salvador. Latino cultures are generally much more religious than those with a linear way of thinking.

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