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Fastest LEGO Colosseum Build! – Guinness World Records

Butcher, Baker, History Maker: Pioneering the High Frontier of Space

It is virtually impossible to engage in conversation about the state of the world without assigning blame and proposing solutions. In almost every case, those solutions address specific symptoms of collapse. Crime, war, hunger, poverty, greed, capitalism, communism, global warming, global cooling, and divergence from the One True Faith are among the common targets. What if there were just one solution that encompassed them all, and you could implement it?

Origin of April Fool’s Day

We all know that the first of April every year is celebrated as World Fool’s Day. Since it falls in the month of April, it is also called as April Fool’s Day. People on this day play with others. In this article, we would be looking at the references in the history that point to the observance of Fool’s Day.

Who Does the Job of Parenting, the TV or Parents?

The internet and television is radically influencing the way children behave in Africa, which hitherto was the sole responsibility of parents and family members. This has come with its own consequences, as well as positives. The popular opinion is that African children now behave like television characters, practicing what they see on the screen from violence to child sexism.

A Divine Obligation

“He who hath come into this world has a divine obligation to serve humanity.” This quote sums up what mankind should do, and should continue to do for the betterment, enrichment, and enlightenment of every human being on earth. To often though mankind has deviated from this path and instead caused, is causing, and will continue to cause horrific suffering of unimaginable magnitudes upon all mankind.

Disobedience As a Psychological and Moral Problem

For as long as we know, it is always stated that disobedience is a vice, yet in many cases obedience has been the underpinning of many destruction’s towards humanity. This study uproot some vital questions regarding disobedience broadening horizon on what we learned as being Obedient as good moral to be re-questioned.

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