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Fastest time to cross a greased pole – Guinness World Records

Individuals in Societies

The relationship between individuals and societies is very close. Man is a social animal who lives in social groups in communities and in societies. Man cannot live without society because man is a biological and psychological being equipped to live in groups. Human life and society almost go together. Society has become an essential condition for human life to arise and continue to live in.

Societal Progress

In this article the phenomenon of progress of human societies is discussed briefly. Societies will develop further as part of the modernization process. This progress can either be evolutionary or revolutionary.

Naming: A Tool for the Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage in Ghana

The importance of the cultures of people is undisputed and is proven by several empirical studies. Culture defines the makeup of societies. This includes their belief systems, norms, ideals, values, and ethics. This makes it easier to preserve the good cultural gems of a people from one generation to the other. As part of the culture of a people, the naming trend is part of the beautiful culture of an ethnic society.

When I Am Gone

As the age of my years catches up with me I have become more acutely aware of my own mortality. I have begun to question when I am gone will anybody care or remember the life I led? Now, that the years have taken their toll I often sit alone while my conscious thoughts take me back to a time and place far removed from the harsh realities of today.

For PM Modi, Winning 2019 Elections Will Be Easy, But He Has to Go a Long Way

Elections of two crucial states UP and Gujarat proved BJP is on a victory march although there are dangers on the horizon. Pandit Vishnu Sharma, the author of Panchatantra advised rulers to be concerned about emerging threats although none is in sight at present. What should be the threats BJP as a PAN India party needs to address?

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