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First IRONMAN® athlete with Down’s syndrome – Guinness World Records

The Celtic Treasure in the Corn Field

A Dutch treasure hunter finally saw his dream come true. He discovered a case which contained golden coins and silver coins in a corn field. Here is an incredible story of a persistent man, which had the dream of discovering something no one ever succeeded in discovering.

We Asked Ourselves What It Meant to Be a Jew

Last year during Rosh Hashana we asked ourselves what it meant to be a Jew. In our evaluation and analysis is of all the topics we reviewed, together with a revision of own personal issues, we questioned the content of this affirmation.

After We Have Squandered Our Fossil Fuel Treasure, Our Way of Living Will Be Very Different

There is much evidence that by 2060, a mere fifty years from now, we will probably have less available non-solar energy than people had in the eighteenth Century. The consequence of trying to maintain our present lifestyle without the vast amounts of energy we take for granted will always be available, combined with an unsustainable population is a disaster waiting to happen. After we have squandered those precious fuels, our way of living will be extremely different and we will have to contend with the kind of lifestyles that people had in the seventeenth century, with no new metals, electricity, mass transport and so on.

Spiritual Quests and Shamanism

Divides shamanism into two categories. Presents three layers of Core Shamanism. Points out the shamanic emphasis on altered states of consciousness.

Lala Lajpat Rai

Lala Lajpat Rai was a freedom fighter. He protested against Simon Commission. He was the true Indian.

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