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Five Record Breaking Rollercoasters! – Guinness World Records

Secret Silbury – Was ET Here?

A recent newspaper survey suggests that “79% of Brits who reckon alien life probably does exist”. Why does this idea exist in such a high percentage of the population? Can this belief in alien life come from the possibility that we are all connected to an extraterrestrial race? Is it possible the ‘missing link’ in our evolution was due to the arrival of an alien race that bred with or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors in our prehistory? Does this explain the unusual leap in our evolution from Homo to pharaoh?

American Ethnicity: Theories and Approaches

As time passed and traditional societies transformed to modern ones, people emigrated to urbanized and modern cities and societies to get better opportunities. Then, when ethnic and racial groups emigrated to modern cities, they were considered as minorities, and this was the beginning of the sociology of race and ethnicity in modern society. There are some different approaches and theories to look at racial and ethnic groups in America.

A New Approach to American History

While we look at American history as a part of the European history and the European history as a part of the world history, not only it gives us a wider and broader perspective to American history but also it sets us free from looking at the history based on the idea of nation-state which leads us to ignore the peoples who were not a nation. It helps us not to ignore and neglect the ethnic groups.

Israel Vs Iran: Who Would Win a Middle East War? Would God Save Israel? Is This ‘Gog and Magog’?

Israel vs. Iran (with other nations vying for a voice) is a major event on everyone’s mind. After all, the whole world is affected by what occurs in the Middle East, and especially with Israel. After many hundreds of years, Israel became an independent nation, almost miraculously, in 1948. And since then she’s won wars in 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982. Many say GOD is still honoring his covenant with Israel today, and that Israel can’t lose in a war because of God’s involvement. Is this true?

Secret Silbury – The Age Old Question

Can we honestly and confidently date the Pyramids, Stonehenge and the many other ancient monuments throughout the world to around 5,000 years old? At the recent MARLBOROUGH MOUND TRUST 5TH ANNUAL LECTURE, in the Ellis Theatre at Marlborough College, Jim Leary gave a lecture titled ‘The Marlborough Mound and the other Giants of Wessex’. Jim, who was the chief archaeologist on the English Heritage Silbury Hill Conservation and Restoration Project in 2007/2008, reiterated his views that Silbury Hill is indeed a 4,400 year old mound. It was built in phases that grew and grew as each basket load of material was piled on top of the previous pile, but not to any predefined architectural blueprint. His idea endorses the conventional view for the age and construction of Silbury Hill.

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