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Florian Kohler Jump Pots 15 Balls at Lightning Speed #Shorts

On Technology and the Future of Humanity

Observing the dramatic advances in our technological products over the past decade, and noticing the under-30 crowd virtually tethered to their devices, begs the question of where we are headed as a species. For a while technology may serve us in valuable and important ways, if we lose our connection to Nature and our ability to relate to each other as a result of living in a ‘virtual’ world, we will have lost the best part of being human-and an opportunity to develop into a more evolved species.

Underage Invisibility

Is American society raising mature, fully grown adults or nurturing overgrown babies to lead the future of our country? Young people are disrespected and underestimated. They are ghosts among older generations and must fight to be heard if any of them are going to make a difference.

Steampunk Bra?

Since time immemorial, women have attempted to support, restrain, and shape their bosoms. Cloth wrapping and rib mounted under support were the standard for centuries. However, there were many women who simply couldn’t bear the discomfort, and a few of them actually did something about it.

How Boys Prepare For Circumcision Among The Meru Community Of Kenya

This article looks at the cultural practices of the Meru people of Kenya. It specifically focuses on the preparations made by boys before initiation to adulthood through circumcision.

Will The Japanese Population in the Future Produce Too Many Males?

Human societies do best when there is a proper number of males to females. When there are too many males, and they are all of ages between 16 and 35 there is a greater chance for Civil War, major disruptions, or even a country choosing to go to war. Civilizations have always wondered and had a challenge as to what to do with their huge male populations.

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