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From 0 to 10,000,000 cases – Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Timelapse

This video shows the progress of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic timelapse from its first cases on late December 2019, to more than 10,000,000 cases on late June 2020.
It shows confirmed cases by country, number of deaths by country and world death rate, as well of milestones so far.

More videos coming soon.

Data Source: WHO Situations Report:

Scott Buckley – The Illusionist

Is The Federal Reserve Forcing Us To Take Risk We Can’t Afford?

Whether you are a working professional or a retiree looking for income, the burning question today is where is the best place to invest is, and whether or not you should take, or be forced to take undo risk. When considering ones retirement wishes as it relates to living risk free generating enough income to cover all expenses, we can’t ignore the fact that the very problem our government officials have promised to fix, is creating a long lasting hardship for our income seeking citizens.

Plan Your Retirement!

The best way to ensure a happy retirement is to find ways to enjoy it comfortably. However, for enjoying your older days, you need to plan it a very thoughtful manner and make all the possible arrangements for making it more enjoyable and better.

The Important Aspects of Selecting a Retirement Calculator

Before using a retirement calculator, you’ll need decide what it is that you are attempting to achieve. Are you planning to find out the amount of money you’ll have when you leave the workplace, or would you like to discover how long your hard earned dollars can last in retirement.

How Do I Withdraw The Money When I Retire?

Nobody talks about how you take the money out once you reach that magic number. Is it because no one knows how to do it? Or is the exercise merely about reaching that summit, not how to get down?

Have Enough for Your Retirement by Investing

For others retirement is a long way to go but for some it is just a few seasons to go. It doesn’t matter how near or how far your retirement is, what is important is the you have enough savings for your retirement. Saving for retirement has change a lot with the increase in living expenses and unstable social security. Now you have to make investments for retirement instead of saving for it. Retirement plans offered by companies were once attractive and substantial but now most people does not feel secured by their company plans. There are other options if you opt out of company’s retirement plans.

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