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From zero to 20 million cases – Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Timelapse

This video shows the progress of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic timelapse from its first cases on late December 2019, to more than 20 million cases on mid August 2020.
It shows confirmed cases by country, number of deaths by country and world death rate, as well of milestones so far.

More videos coming soon.

Data Source: WHO Situations Report:

Scott Buckley – The Illusionist – Signal to Noise

Options Trading Explained – Investing For Safety

Despite the availability of information new investors can use to get stock options trading explained to them, many people have a difficult time actually understanding what place options should have in their own investment portfolios, if any. It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of free educational choices to help you understand this useful, though slightly esoteric investment vehicle. Still, being a well-diversified investor is one of the best ways to ensure your long-term financial health.

A Few Advantages of Setting Up an Annuity Account

Seeing as the economy is so unstable at the moment, it can be hard to know how to utilise your money to the best effect. This is especially true as people are afraid that if they invest then they will end up with nothing.

A Fun Way to Look at Your Retirement

When you retire you might have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. You may want to clear your debts and would want to settle somewhere peacefully. Well, this article is not for such people.

Preparing for Your Retirement

A lot of work for years and years and then one fine morning, you retire. That means, there is no work at all. You feel empty.

Build Your Crash Proof Nest Egg

Since pension plans are given to less than 25% of all employees that are retiring today, how can we provide our own personal pension plan. The answer lies in whom you trust to work with and will you follow his advice.

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