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Can We Legitimately Know What the Region That Is Now Pakistan Was Like 5000 Years Ago?

It is truly amazing to read the news every day and learn of yet another bombing or terrorist act in Pakistan. Those poor folks just cannot catch a break. Still, this is their way of life and judging them on Western Civilization terms may not be the right way to view it all. Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

A Holiday Blend: Pueblo Indian Christmas

Americans are used to blending traditions to suit their modern families. The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico bring together Native and Christian traditions that are hundreds of years old. The annual holiday dances and feasting last for four days. During those days, the Pueblos’ most important values come together: art, family, generosity, and hospitality.

Social Crimes and Mind-Care

Theorising mass anger is often irrelevant when people seek actions of revenge and punishments like public execution etc. on the perpetrators when socially sensitive crimes are committed. At times, even from amidst such voices of vengeance we can hear some discerning ones which talk about social transformation through better upbringing of children in families as long-term measures rather than about instant hanging of a rapist-killer or the execution of a mass murderer of school children. Such voices make us optimistic about the fact that the world is waking up (though slowly) to the mind-care angles of many of its social issues – be it rape, gun-running, corruption or terrorism.

Izhorans and Vods, the Vanishing Minority Groups of Leningrad

The Izhora and Vod are two small Finnic ethnic groups living in the Leningrad Oblast, Russia. Although they numbered in the thousands during the 19th century, currently only a handful of elderly people identify themselves as members of these ethnic groups.

Indians and Thanksgiving

Hospitality can be tricky, as American Indians found out soon after Europeans arrived. As reported by the English chroniclers, in 1621, a group of colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts and the Wampanoag Indians joined for a harvest feast after a harsh winter; it was the original American Thanksgiving. King Massasoit himself and some of his men had hunted deer to bring to the feast. Across America, Native Americans welcomed the Europeans with gifts and material support. Their hospitality uniformly backfired.

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