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GamerFleet | Suhani Shah Evolution: From Zero To 1 Million Subscriber’s (2018-2021)

Gender Debate: Hitler and Stalin

There are two sides of town. On one side of town, violent and abusive men are horrible to women who are beautiful, warm and compassionate and insist on treating them like dirt. On the other side of town, nasty and mean-spirited women are ugly to men who have goodwill toward women and likewise insist on treating them like dirt.

Watch Out! Society’s About!

How the development of society increasingly impacts on our evolutionary development. The two stark dangers identified relate to a change in our “Living Environment” and to our desire for personal fulfillment which distracts us from our Genetic Priority.

In Memory of Aaron Swartz (With Jewish Concepts)

This essay’s about life. Not by choice, but because there’s no other option. It’s about the persistent ambitions and the resolve that allows us to pursue our dreams. It’s about a lot of things, but I wish I didn’t have to write this at all. There are many smart people in the world, but smarts combined with a perpetual drive is a powerful thing. It’s in this light that we would like to remember Aaron Swartz. Someone who gave his all to everything he did because he believed it would make the world better.

With or Without a Vision of the Future

In looking to the future, we must address the big issues humanity now faces, and bring like-minded people together. For this to happen, the vision for the future must be compelling. The Great Transitions Initiative attempts to do this by presenting three basic scenarios for human and world futures – business as usual, descent to barbarism and a great transition.

Mass Murder and Mass Suicide

We are killing ourselves by allowing overpopulation and mass migrations. There are already unsustainable numbers of people in many countries and the situation is worsening daily.

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