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Hacksmith’s World’s Brightest Flashlight – Guinness World Records

Sexual Harassment Is a Challenge

Sexual harassment is a conduct of a sexual nature that is unwanted and offensive to the recipient. It includes promises of benefits in return for sexual favours, unwelcome sexual innuendoes, sex-related jokes, intimate comments about a person’s body made in their presence, enquiries into their sexual life, indecent exposure, the display of sexually explicit pictures- even unwelcome whistling. In our contemporary society technological advancement can enable people to forward pornographic photos and innuendoes that undermines ones stature and can be viewed as sexually harassment.

The Madness Chronicles – Episode 5

We live in a world gone mad. Right is left, up is down and black is white. The Left’s maddening quest to bring us to a one-world government is racing full speed ahead. Take a look at the latest.

The Madness Chronicles – Episode 4

We live in a world of madness. Right is left, up is down and black is white. Take a look at some live examples of the madness amongst us. It is growing every single day.

The Hour Glass In Time

Everyday lives can be summed up like sand flowing down through the hour glass. The hour glass of life where the experiences of our days shape who you ought to be, what you can be, and who you really are. Through the years I have tasted caviar, and eaten humble pie.

A Christmas Parable

On the day before Christmas and all through the land the spirit of the season was no where to be had. Oh, sure there were some places where the spirit prevailed but in so many instances when buyers were scurrying we lost the true meaning of Christmas and good will toward all. The chill of the season has interrupted what should be the best time of year and yet for too many it is just another day just trying to survive.

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