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The Egwu-Udo (The Masquerade) And The Ouwuo Dance In Nigeria

Egwu-Udo is a masquerade that appears during the Oghu festival which took place annually in a town called Umuaka, in Imo State of Nigeiria. The Oghu is a cultural celebration which features home coming, best cultural acts of villages in Umuaka and social entertainment.

Connectedness And A New Change In Our Society

This is a good and positive change for humanity, where social cohesion, humanitarianism, and what is overall good for mankind and the planet is becoming more important than materialism and immediate financial gain. Thomas Power says that we are appreciating that being liked and trusted is important to our own survival and that we are appreciating the results of working to gain the trust of others.

Devi Cult In India

Hindus are either Shaivites or Vaishnavites. Of course, now we worship all, including Budha and Guru Nanak. It would appear that Devi worship was prevalent throughout India, from a much earlier period, involving animal and baby sacrifice, which made Budha preach Ahimsa or nonviolence as a creed.

5 Reasons Why Disasters Should Be Viewed As Opportunities to Build Back Better

This article looks at natural and man-made disaster trends. It also looks at how they could be opportunities to build back better.

The Evolution Revolution On Love

Love: the subject of countless songs, stories, films and poems; the object of relentless desire; the basis of continual heartache. Love is the reason we pursue the innumerable false gods of our time — the gods that have hitchhiked in on the coattails of ‘civilization.’

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