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Men As Lost Warriors

Modern males are lost warriors who, as a collective, have become a destructive force rather than guardians of the order of nature, a truly heartbreaking consequence of the great separation between humanity and its existence within, and as a part of nature. Now a man speaks of politics, economics and science where once he was part of the cosmos and knew it, united in existence with all beings, seeing magic in everything and devouring deep meaning from occurrences in nature that would be totally lost on the modern man. The modern males existence is governed by the frontal lobe and…

How Has Industrialisation Changed Our Lives?

The industrial revolution provided us with the energy, commerce, science and technology that has changed human lives and destinies for the better and for the worse. It has also amplified the speed with which we are creating and dealing with problems for the human race and the planet.

The Tug of War Between the Youths and the Society, Revisiting Sigmund Freud and Erikson’s Theories

The youths are the darlings of the society insofar as they adhere to the society’s bidding. In return, the society compensates the youths for their submission. The society considers the youth as its premium investment. It had spent lots of capital transforming the acne face, self doubting adolescence to the smooth face, mature youth. Now, the society is eager to reap its reward before that youthful strength fades into the dwindling fatigue of middle age.

Divorce and Murder

In 1950s, the number of men killed by their wives in America was comparable to the number of women killed by their husbands. Since then, the number of men killed by their wives declined precipitously, while the number of women killed by their husbands remained approximately the same. This is owed to the institution of divorce.

Errors of Black Leaders and Feminists

Both the feminist leaders and the leaders of black empowerment movement have made major mistakes in recent years, and these mistakes are hurting both causes. In both cases, they decided to attack their allies while doing nothing to confront their real enemies. And this has lead many of their allies to turn against them.

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