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Talcott Parsons

Talcott Parsons, (born Dec. thirteen, 1902, Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. – died May eight, 1979, Munich, West Germany), American sociologist as well as scholar whose concept of social activity influenced the intellectual bases of many disciplines of contemporary sociology. His job is actually concerned with a common theoretical method for the evaluation of modern society instead of with narrower empirical studies. He’s credited with owning introduced the job of Max Weber and Vilfredo Pareto to American sociology.

Forgiving Others – What Is True Forgiveness?

True forgiveness doesn’t come back to kick you in the teeth. When you learn about forgiveness, it’s like giving a gift. You give with no strings attached. People who say that they forgive but still bring up the past every time shows that they haven’t truly forgiven. They might have said that they had forgiven but with zero intent. So, what is true forgiveness?

A Spiritual Revolution

Something is happening in the world. Optimism, happiness, positive-thinking help the world get out of the old negative-thinking, pessimistic, unhappy trends that inundated our world for so many years.

Different Teaching Philosophies

Christos Marsellos has studied philosophy in Greece and France, has written various articles and essays that will be published or re-published mainly by the Perispomeni editions, and has translated into Greek a series of philosophical books. FM: In your postface of the book “Financial Possibilities for Our Grandchildren” by John Maynard Keynes, you have written that in 1925, Keynes did not predict the hecatombs prepared by the religion of ethics. Which are these hecatombs?

Durkheim’s Division of Labor

Durkheim’s “Theory of Division of Labour” is usually viewed as his main contribution to the area of sociological thought. The theme of this particular study is the connection between society and individuals or maybe the collectivity. It’s really a classic study of social solidarity. In this book he reacted against the perspective that contemporary modern society might be based merely after agreement among people driven by self interest and with no previous opinion. He agreed that the type of consensus in contemporary society was distinct from that in simpler community systems.

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