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Highest-Paid Athletes in the World – Ranking History

This bar chart race shows the Highest Paid Athletes in the World, between the years 1990 and 2019. The Ranking shows over 80 Athletes from 13 countries and 7 different sports across 29 years.

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Athletes on this chart:
Ayrton Senna
Buster Douglas
Kobe Bryant
Cristiano Ronaldo
David Beckham
Evander Holyfield
Floyd Mayweather
Jack Nicklaus
Kimi Räikkönen
Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Lionel Messi
Manny Pacquiao
Michael Jordan
Michael Schumacher
Mike Tyson
Oscar De La Hoya
Peyton Manning
Roger Federer
Sergei Federov
Shaq O’Neal
Tiger Woods
and many more.

Source: Forbes
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Three Threats to Retirement and What to Do About It

As many Americans have been grimacing from food and gas prices, watching stocks slump and seeing the housing market with barely a pulse, it can get a bit nerve-racking to think about retirement these days. However, with smart investing, careful planning and frugality, anyone can ride the wave into retirement, even in this storm. Though, there are three threats to look out for, to make sure retirement is secured.

Growing Money and Making It Last Through Retirement

Common sense tells us that Americans want safe investments that are simple to understand and pay a fixed interest rate. When you have a fixed interest rate, you can accurately forecast the future value of your money and how much you will receive in payments without affecting your principal. Simple, accurate, and measured growth of your money. This is how retirement investing should work.

Covered Calls: Improve Returns While Reducing Risk

Selling covered calls in your investment portfolio is among the easiest way to improve your returns while reducing your volatility. Since most investors are in search of this ultimate goal, why so few investors using it?

Financial Freedom: To Retire or Not to Retire?

A lot of people teaching about how to build financial freedom these days are talking about building wealth for the sake of retirement planning. Yet, considering that the majority of people never get the opportunity to retire in comfort, the question comes…

Baby Boomer Retirement Kit – Deciding When You Should Retire

Deciding when to retire is should not be based solely on money…time retired should also be considered. It does one no good to be retired with a lot of money and too old to enjoy the money. Retiring too old and rich is great for the estate not so good for the baby boomer who wants to retire.

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