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History of COVID-19 Vaccines in 5 Minutes (Since December 2020)

The video shows the timelapse of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations by map worldwide from December 2020 to June 2021. China, the United States, and India are leading in COVID-19 vaccines administered.


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Building Your Personalized Investment Plan – Know Where You Stand

When building a proper financial plan, you need to know exactly where you stand and also where are you going. Both are equally important and if you don’t know one of these two, you might find some troubles ahead.

Residual Income – An Income That Remains Over A Long Period Of Time

Success is always achieved by making good investment decisions. The level of success, in turn, depends basically on prudence and efforts of the investor. Not all investments deliver what they promise. Therefore, the need to find a good investment opportunity that generates a continuous flow of investment income, with little or no efforts, is undoubtedly, the best. And cannot be over-emphasized.

Investment Guide – How To Become A Rich Investor

The act of investing in, or spending money, time and effort on a business or some other things, in hope of making a profit, best defines investment. It could be Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Foreign Exchange etc. Whatever it is, there are rules and guides to achieving success in investments, which, when adhered to, result in achieving much greater heights of success.

How Banks Really Work and Why Banks Are Not a Good Solution for Long Term Investing

With a typical banks’ savings account, you lend the bank money in the form of your deposits and they pay you a guaranteed interest rate (generally less than 1%) and provide you safety in the form of FDIC insurance. Banks then lend that same money that you loaned them over and over again for massive profit.

Savings Are Not Investments and You Should Not Rely Solely on Them for Your Future

Do you know what would happen to your saving account if inflation soared? You would lose money. Yeah, that is right, lose money. Maybe it is better to start finding the right investment for you right away.

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