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How the Coronavirus Infected 10 Million People in the US (Map Timelapse)

The video shows the timelapse of the coronavirus by map in the United States of America since January 31, 2020. It first started in Washington State and then spread to every states in the US by March 17, 2020. The total confirmed cases in the US reached 10 million by early November 2020.


World Health Organization & Worldometers

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Step #1 of Layman’s Plan to Retirement Planning – Retirement Vision

Want to build a retirement plan and need a little help? This article is the first step of my 10 Step Layman’s Plan to Retirement. It’s objective is to help you describe your ideal retirement and is written from a layman’s perspective.

Do You Like Paying Taxes?

With over 78 million baby boomers being born between 1946-1964 retirement is on the rise. More people are looking to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. That might not be as easy as it was 20 yrs. ago there was a time you would work for a company 20 or 30 years retire with a pension plan that would provide a good living for the remainder of a person’s life.

Business Retirement Planning – A Way for Hassle Free Later Years

Self employed personals often compare with their salaried counterparts and remark that only if they could also receive pension in their later years and thus lessen their anxieties of insecure future. Business retirement planning is a solution for their anxieties that would help them in leading comfortable and secure life once they decide to take retirement from their businesses. Advance planning of retirement hold equal significance and relevance for salaried as well as businessmen.

Small Business Retirement – A Way for Safe and Secure Future

Those who are small business entrepreneurs must think up of an effective small business retirement plan for themselves as well as for their employees. There are many reasons for this.

Retirement Planning Help – Get It at the Right Time

It may sound weird, but is a sensible option, to start thinking about accruing retirement planning help tips right since your first job. So many things and aspects are to be kept in mind ranging from regular saving to investment plans.

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