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How To Become The World’s Oldest Person – Guinness World Records

Girl Fights As a Form of Entertainment

Fighting is a way that many people get entertainment. They see two individuals fighting and it is exciting to watch while not being involved in it directly. Many times videos are shot and then posted to internet sites so that other individuals are able to enjoy in the excitement as well.

The Magic of Flexibility – Evolutionism, Creationism, and NLP

Recently I was driving on one of the long and open California Highways, lost in my own thoughts, as I heard a low and raspy voice tearing through the thin garments of my mental imagery. The radio station I happened to be on presented seemingly rational and specific arguments against the evolution theory, and in the defense of creationism.

The American People Are Not Owned By the Government – Enslavement is Not Our Tradition

It has become obvious to me that the federal government appears to think that it owns the American people, and that’s just not the way it really is. The way we’ve set up our Constitution, and if we still believe in it, then we all know that the government is owned by us, the government is the people. The government only exists because the people allow it to exist, and the people should never fear the government, in fact founders expected that as long as the government fears the people, it would not do evil.

Spaniards Find Abortion More Acceptable Than Noisy People at Night

According to a recent survey conducted by Caja Madrid’s (a Spanish Savings Bank) Foundation Spaniards find social behaviours such as abortion or euthanasia far more acceptable than to make noise at night in the streets or driving too fast. Some social behaviours listed from the most well tolerated to the least acceptable for Spaniards with the percentage of acceptance and tolerance.

Return of the Fedora – Men Might Dress Like Men Again

The great American boy man might be in trouble. American men see themselves as large boys. We have ever since the Who decided they would rather die than get old and then of course they got old.

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