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“I didn’t think my mouth was THAT big!” #Shorts

No Looting In Japan

My older brother has been a missionary to Japan for 30 years. Presently he is living in Kentucky. When I called to ask about the tragedy in Japan he assured me that if any people could survive a disaster of this magnitude surely the Japanese people could. He has a great admiration for them as a very strong people who seem to come together in times of crisis. I couldn’t help but think of the great comeback of the Japanese people following their devastation during WWII.

The Major Data Analysis Techniques Used in Leisure and Social Science Research

If you are going to be doing leisure or social science research, these are the major data analysis techniques to use. This test, signified by the symbol X2, is used to show the relationship between two nominal variables, which are variables that describe something, such as one’s gender or age. This test is designed to show if the relationship is significant or not, and if so, the null hypothesis of no difference will be rejected.

Voices Beyond The Walls – Rules of Hidden Society

When I think of this question, I am quickly reminded of every society has it’s own method in how ones existence is measured by one’s character, the economical standings within that society and in most cases ethnicity. This same holds true for those who are considered the outcast of society and while rules are much different in this abnormal society, there is a perverse ranking system within the prison system that contradicts all rules of the civil world as we know it.

The Major Statistical Concepts in the Leisure and Social Science Field

If you are going to do research in the leisure and social science field, these are the major statistical concepts. They include probabilistic statements, normal distribution, significance, null hypothesis, independent and dependent variables, and correlation.

Suman Muthe – Social Worker, Writer and Sociologist (India)

Mrs. Suman Muthe was honoured with Siddha Sewa award by Swami Hardas Foundation on 11th March 2011 at Pune. This award was given by the Founder of the foundation, Swami Hardas and his wife at an impressive ceremony attended by many dignitaries from India.

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