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Increasing Unemployment in the U.S. – COVID-19 Impact on Labour Market

Number of initial unemployment insurance claims made per week in the U.S., by state (Not Seasonally Adjusted)

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Losing Job
COVID-19 Impact on Labour Market
Labour Market

Will International Investment Funds Be Hampered by the Tsunami in Japan and Unrest in the Mid East?

The West’s response to the unrest in the Middle East has been fascinating. While the US has adopted a policy of “Assisted Democracy” in the last few years it has been noticeably reserved when it comes to the sudden, unexpected spread of democracy across the Arab world. The worldwide response to the Humanitarian disaster in Japan has been more consistent. The sheer level of destruction and the scale of the crisis in the worlds’ third largest economy have shocked individuals and governments alike. As Japan reels from the disaster and attempts to stop its vital nuclear industry going into meltdown, and as the Middle East sees far-reaching and significant political upheaval, many are wondering what the next financial year holds in store for the international financial markets.

5 Ways To Build Back Your Retirement By Making Money Online From Home

There are ways you can build back your retirement and still enjoy the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. You can build back your retirement with a home based business. Your retirement years are supposed to be the golden years – the years in which you have the freedom and flexibility to travel and enjoy life, not answer to a boss or stare at cubicle walls. A home based business allows you to have the freedom and flexibility you desire while still building income streams that will fund the lifestyle you desire. Here are five steps you can take to rebuild your future on the Internet.

The Professional Solution to Planning for Old Age – Retirement Planning Services

When you think of retirement, you think about relaxing and waiting for time to pass you by. This is not a time when you think of being hurried, catching up with the pace of life or the city, or trying hard to keep up with everything you have to do. This is however, not a luxury that everyone can afford. Several people are forced to let go of some of the things they dreamed, or just continue working without any luxuries, simply because they have not planned and saved for their retirement adequately.

Promissory Note Investing – Planning for Success

There is no such thing as “smart money” – only smart people – the money goes where they go. Becoming successful in any activity that requires education and training will also require planning. Without a financial plan – a road map – that shows you where you are now and where you intend to go, it is doubtful that you will have a successful journey.

Asset Management: Do You Make Any Of These Common Mistakes?

Many individual and inexperienced investors believe that they possess sufficient asset management skills to manage their own financial assets effectively and successfully over time. In many cases such investors fail and this article provides an illustration of the key mistakes that many individuals make. By avoiding these key mistakes investors should be able to improve their performance.

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