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Indian States Ranked by Hindu Population (1950-2021)

Fake News: Historical Revisionism and the Culture of Misinformation

This is a brief analysis of the culture of misinformation that we currently have in society. I will discuss the problems of historical revisionism and how it is used to deceive and belittle historical facts.

Trans-Differentiation for Wiser Expectation

As one admonished the other, go deeper inside, to a depth where reason has not sought to hide. Look behind the curtain of that fearful divide, a realm neither pundit nor politician can decide or explain. Whatever the refrain, the warnings have come; most will never make the trek. Yet, no doubt the classic tales have told, there are places to be explored where only the valiant dare go. It is the personal quest for freedom. A higher state of being into a transformation of liberated ascension requires extraordinary effort. Some, a few, those who are persistent will see the view.

On Confrontationalism in Social Discourse

An increasing number of people have taken an active interest in politics and social issues over the past few years, a startling reversal of previous trends which has drawn grievances that were once deemed inappropriate for discussion and better left ignored to the collective conversational foreground instead. As a society we may have a long way yet to go in adequately rectifying these issues but the rise in public awareness can only build momentum, as the sources of these grievances are in many regards not simply unresolved, but not even meaningfully addressed. As clearly discernable existential threats…

Marx’s Historical Materialism

Marx’s theory, that he called “historical materialism” or maybe the “materialist conception of history” is grounded on Hegel’s case that history happens by way of a dialectic, or maybe clash, of opposing forces. Hegel was obviously a philosophical idealist that thought we are living in a planet of appearances, and genuine truth is a great virtue. Marx accepted the idea of the dialectic, but rejected Hegel’s idealism since he didn’t admit the material world hides from us the “real” community of the ideal; on the contrary, he believed that socially and historically specific ideologies prevented folks from watching the components…

Emile Durkheim’s Sociological Theory

Durkheim came into this world in Epinal, France. He came from a lengthy line of devout French Jews; his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father had almost all been rabbis. He started the education in a rabbinical college, but at an earlier age, decided to not adopt in his family ‘s footsteps and also changed schools, knowing he preferred to learn religion from an agnostic standpoint instead of being indoctrinated.

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