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Indian States Ranked by Muslim ☪️ Population

Get Involved With Indexing The 1940s Census

The 1940 Census was released by the US National Archives in April of 2012. You can help digitize it.

Toward Social Renewal – An Outline

The objective of any conscious changes in society’s structures, if they are to be positive, must be to provide a social environment in which humanity is able to realize its potential in freedom – with respect for each other, the creatures and nature. In order to provide the conditions within which this objective can be achieved, a structural transformation is necessary.

Visiting The Altamira Cave In Spain

Due to weather related conditions and the plague of humanity in general, historically and archeologically important sites become endangered. One of these sites is the Altamira Cave located in Spain.

The Successful Domestication of Man

The way people are today, in their actions, physical appearance, and mental capacity is different from how humans were twenty thousand years ago. This article examines the similarities between domesticated animals and modern humans, touching on recent scientific and political theories which paint a disturbing picture in how humanity seems to have been self domesticated. This article presents an answer to how and why.

Snuff Bottle and a Bowl of Vodka

An interesting look at the Mogolian tradition of making Mongolian Vodka called Arkhi. The common tradition in the Mongolian culture of passing the snuff bottle around to all the guests before each meal. The pouring out of the fire is to appease the god of Fire. Interesting facts about the Mongolian decoration of Snuff Bottle and process of making Mongolian Vodka. Vodka bowls are commonly used to serve. The decor of the snuff bottle indicate host wealth and status.

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