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Reincarnation Not Compliant With General Consensus of Opinion

With the chaos of war and the threat of new conflicts looming it is likely that the world is coming to an end as prophesied in the Old Testament. If true the prediction states that a noise will come to the end of the earth because of a great controversy. It is very likely that it will involve the removal of heaven and hell as destinies for the dead.

Narcissism: The New Norm

In recent studies, two out of three people in the United States have been found to score high on the narcissistic personality disorder. The real-life meaning of this is that this disorder is, for all intents and purposes, meaningless. If the majority of the population has a disorder, then it is no longer a disorder.

Refuting Political Correctness

Many people detest political correctness, but there have not been enough credible arguments made against it. I have given thought to the matter and came up with rational refutations of some of their central claims. I do so as someone who fully supports women’s rights – both to safety at home and a fulfilling life outside the home – but recognizes that, in order to regain viability, feminism needs to change course from political correctness and into a movement that actually benefits women.

Some Basic Points About Consumer Behavior

As a science, consumer behavior is gaining a lot of traction. Now more than ever it’s becoming more and more difficult to attract the attention of potential consumers. This article will give you the basics of consumer psychology.

New Testament Is Not a Historical Record

Not a Record of Events – Many believe that the New Testament is an accurate record of events that occurred in relation to Jesus Christ but this is not the case. It was compiled from papers that were floating around in the Roman Empire when Jerome was appointed by Damasus to produce a book to credit the Catholic Church. He was also in charge of formulating the function and laws of the religion which he subsequently wrote about in his diaries, letters and elsewhere.

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